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Advanced Automation can handle all of your computer hardware needs.
Advanced Automation can handle all of your phone system needs.
Advanced Automation can handle all of your voice and data cabling needs.
Advanced Automation can handle all of your security system needs.
Advanced Automation can handle all of your sedation dentistry needs.
Advanced Automation can handle all of your Computer and Monitor Mount needs.
Advanced Automation can handle all of your practice management integration needs.
Advanced Automation can help you with you patient service needs.
Expanding your practice can be a nightmare of different vendors. Let AAI be your one-stop-shop for all of yout IT, cabling and infrastucture needs.
Advanced Automation can handle all of your online backup needs.
Advanced Automation can create the perfect website for your practice.

Digital X-Ray Integration – New capabilities and proven savings

Advanced Automation, Inc. specializes in digital dental x-ray integration. Whether you chose a solution developed specifically for your practice management software or select a product from an external digital x-ray solutions company, we have the expertise to integrate your digital imaging seamlessly.
  • Intraoral Imaging – we have over 15 years' experience integrating digital dental x-ray sensors with all major practice management software solutions. Please see the list below for a sample of our supported technologies.

  • Extraoral Imaging – AAI engineers are trusted throughout the South to install, integrate and maintain Panoramic and Cephalometric digital x-ray imaging units.

  • 3-Dimensional Imaging – cone-beam technology. AAI engineers are members of a select group of certified installers for the Kodak Iluma and 9000 3-D product lines.

  • Shielding Plans – Rely on AAI to prepare accurate x-ray shielding plans for submission to your state’s regulatory agency.

  • Acquisition PCs – AAI provides computers specifically designed for digital image acquisition. Contact us to learn more about the systems developed specifically for your digital x-ray imaging technology.

Experience the Benefits of Digital X-ray Technology

Software enhancements built in to most dental x-ray technologies provide greater diagnostic possibilities than standard film x-rays.
  • Caries detection
  • Contrasts
  • Brightness
  • Highlight effects
  • Full Screen display
  • 3-Dimensional Imaging
Dental x-ray technology integrated with your practice management software provides savings in every area of your practice. After the initial purchase (which is usually deductible under Section 179) you will see the time and cost savings soar.
  • Digital X-ray Images - No more film or developer
  • Faster image development
  • Faster turnaround on insurance claims
  • Improved workflow - x-rays are easily shared with staff and colleagues
  • Images are attached to the patient’s record
  • No need for bulky, hardcopy x-ray storage
  • Postage savings
  • Regain office space from your former darkroom
We focus on your technology, so you can focus on your patients.

Supported Digital Dental X-ray and Imaging

  • Kodak Dental Imaging (certified Kodak NSP)
  • Dexis
  • Dentrix Imaging
  • Dimaxsis / Planmeca
  • Gendex
  • Henry Schein / i-CAT cone beam 3-D
  • Instrumentarium
  • Sirona / Sidexis / Galileos 3-D
  • Schick
  • ScanX /Vipersoft
Kodak 9500 with testing setup
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