Our HIPAA Scan and Compliance Action Plan Ensures that your network is secure and that your PHI is protected. This assessment evaluates the overall security of your network and assigns a score that indicates your overall risk level. Along with the score you will receive a report identifying specific areas of concern along with a prioritized list of recommendations for improvement.

The report focuses on the following areas:

  • Policy Checklist - To Identify Any Important Policies Missing From Your IT Security Strategy
  • Network Security - Including Remote Access, Intrusion Detection and Prevention
  • Data Storage - Evaluate Where PHI is Stored, Determine if it is Secure
  • Wireless and Remote Access - Evaluate All Wireless and Remote Access to Networks
  • Backup - Disaster Recovery Plan
  • Physical Security - For Servers

It is important to stay current on HIPAA regulations and Advanced Automation will help you do that. You don't want to end up on HIPAA's Wall of Shame list.