Tips for Saving the Planet while saving your $$$

Scanning Documents: Scanning referrals, letters, images and notes can help you save paper and postage fees. Once these documents are digitally stored, you can email them to associates, specialists or insurance carriers – and they get there instantly at no additional cost to you.

Duplex Printing: Go to a printer with the duplex printing feature, and the printer writes on the front and back of the page. This can save up to 50% on your paper costs, and will save on postage too.

Hit the Switch: Before you leave for the day – Hit the Switch – According to the World Wildlife fund, turning off your computer monitor at night keeps about 950 pounds of carbon dioxide out of the atmosphere every year. In U.S. companies alone, more than $1 billion a year is wasted on electricity for computer monitors that are turned on when they shouldn’t be.

Go twice as fast on half the fuel: That’s what you get with the new Intel® 45nm high-k metal gate silicon technology. The new Intel motherboards along with the Dual Core and Quad Core Processors built on the 45nm technology enable great performance leaps, up to 50-percent larger L2 cache, and new levels of breakthrough energy efficiency in 100% lead free technology. Lower temperature levels generated by these new transistors and processors in addition to the lower energy requirements will make a surprising difference in your energy bills each month!

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