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The Cloud: How to Mitigate the Risk Factors


 Most practices are either using cloud services or thinking about it. I want to highlight some questions that are rarely talked about but very important to consider. This article may seem anti-cloud because it focuses on potential problems rather than benefits, but that is not the case. Cloud computing is a great option in many situations. My intent is simply to arm you with important facts so you can understand and mitigate any potential risks if you choose a cloud option.

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Data Protection Accountability Checklist


Keeping up with computer security makes good business sense. The modern practice relies heavily on computer systems for daily operation, and downtime equates to lost production. Unless you're on an "all you can eat" IT support plan, downtime also means additional expenses. You need to minimize downtime. You have compliance obligations operating a covered entity subject to HIPAA regulations (there's plenty written on that). Any responsible practice wants to protect its information. Keeping up is a must in the modern practice to prevent downtime, protect data, and meet compliance obligations.

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