The holiday season is among us. This year online shopping numbers will hit an all-time high, and so will cybercrime victims. Fake shipping/order confirmation emails are trending, and the Cryptolocker virus is rearing its ugly head again. Below are a few tips to keep you protected.

Fake Order/Shipping Confirmation Email Surge
Starting a few weeks ago we noticed a high rate of emails with the subject “Order Confirmation”. These emails are a scam meant to steal your personal information once you click on the link in the email. To ensure that you are accessing the intended site, open a new browser window and type in the store who the email was supposedly sent from. You should be able to login there if you have an account with them. If you didn't order from them, simply delete the email.

Holiday Tip - You can hover over a link to see where the URL will take you


Santa Will Not Pay Your Ransom
In the last two weeks we have seen new variations of the Cryptolocker virus. This virus typically encrypts important data files on your computer so that you no longer have access to them. If you do not pay a ransom in 72 hours, usually around $300, your files may be deleted. This virus is very tricky and can take up to 8 hours of work to remove from a single computer. Please do not click on ANY links from sources you are not familiar with.

When in doubt, delete any email that you are not expecting to receive. Delete any order confirmation email you are not familiar with to keep cyber criminals from getting any sensitive info from you. If you get an email and don’t recognize the sender, DO NOT open it. Hover over the link to see if it is familiar, and if not, just delete it.


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