Your business depends on fast, consistent delivery of information from the outside world and within your organization. Substantially reduce cost, setup time and management of Microsoft Exchange with our online Exchange Hosting. Now, with our cost effective solutions, any size organization can benefit from the collaboration features built into Microsoft Exchange.

We will help you eliminate up to 99% of unwanted mail before it reaches your inbox and enhance your network security. Our fully managed and encrypted email protection service eliminates spam, phishing scams, viruses, and more – no hardware or spam filtering software required!

Who is watching your backup process? For your servers? For your remote users? For your databases? The accelerating pace of data creation, accumulation, and diffusion is now increasing exponentially through widespread use of the Internet, email, and media-rich software. Data is stored in increasingly diverse locations and applications, making centralized backup more challenging than ever and solid automated backups more valuable than ever.

Dental / Medical Practices
Advanced Automation Inc. (AAI) provides custom computer solutions for healthcare providers throughout the South. All AAI dental computer hardware and medical computers are Intel based and guaranteed to be compatible with your medical & dental practice management software, x-ray and imaging software and equipment.

Digital video recording during sedation dentistry surveillance provides enhanced security for you and peace of mind for your patients. When you work with Advanced Automation you are working with a team of knowledgeable and responsive consultants and engineers that care about your practice. We have over 15 years' experience integrating practice management software, digital x-ray and imaging systems, as well as patient education, relaxation and recall systems.

Advanced Automation, Inc. (AAI) specializes in digital dental x-ray integration. Whether you chose a solution developed specifically for your practice management software or select a product from an external digital x-ray solutions company, we have the expertise to integrate your digital imaging.

We have created plans and installs multimedia video networks designed to enhance patient education and relaxation. Whether your practice is moving to a new location or expanding an existing office, we design and implementation professionals can help you make a smooth transition.

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