Your business depends on fast, consistent delivery of information from the outside world and within your organization.   Low voltage cabling is the backbone of network and telecommunications infrastructure.  Phone systems, computers, peripherals, video networks and security systems require high-quality, shielded and structured cabling to communicate consistently with each other.

From new construction to retrofit installations, Advanced Automation Inc. (AAI) provides reliable, cost-effective low voltage solutions on-time when you need it. Our engineers will install, test and certify your data, voice and security systems wiring, so you can be sure your systems will be ready to go when your equipment arrives.

Low Voltage Solutions

  •     Plenum Cable & Non-plenum Rated Cat5e and Cat6 Cabling
  •     Fiber Optic Cabling
  •     High Resolution Audio / Video Splitters and Extensions
  •     Security and Surveillance System Cabling
  •     Sound System Cabling and Installation
  •     Voice & Data Services
  •     New Construction Permitting
  •     New Construction Rough-in
  •     COAX / CATV / TV Network Installations
  •     DMARC Extensions for T1 / DSL / Phone Services
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