You work hard to ensure the success of your business – Advanced Automation Inc. (AAI) alarm systems work 24/7 to protect your assets and ensure the safety of your employees.  Our business alarm systems, built on GE’s CADDX technology, provide peace of mind knowing that your business is guarded against break-in. Our design team and installers can create a security system for business or home solution.

We offer a variety of state-of-the-art components including:

  •     Door and Window Contacts
  •     Wireless Contacts
  •     Motion Detectors
  •     Glass-break Sensors
  •     Panic Buttons
  •     Security Cameras
  •     Video Surveillance
  •     Audible Sirens
  •     Silent Alarms
  •     Heat Sensors
  •     Smart Video Surveillance
  •     Keypads with LCD Display
  •     Control Panel
  •     Security System Design
  •     Security System Cabling
  •     Professional Installation
  •     Monitoring Locally
  •     Monitory Via Mobile Device
  •     Alert If Door or Window Has Been Breached
  •     Wireless Options
  •     Camera Installation
  •     Siren Installation
  •     Keypad Installtion
  •     Control Panel Installtion
  •     Control Panel Management
  •     Lower Insurance Premiums
  •     Theft Deterrence
  •     Employee Safety
  •     Asset Protection
  •     Remote Surveillance
  •     Peace of Mind
  •     Being Able to Monitorr Your Property
  •     Faster Reaction Times
  •     Being Able to Record What is Happening
  •     Loud Sirens to Scare Off Intruders
  •     Cost Saving in the Long Run
  •     Protected Entrances and Exits


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