Digital video recording (dvr video surveillance) technology is surprisingly affordable, and with today’s massive digital storage solutions, surveillance videos can be stored cost effectively.  AAI designs indoor and outdoor video surveillance networks to meet all of your needs. Using a combination of internal and external security cameras with optional audio, you can monitor entrances and exits for visitors and employees (including time stamps); keep an eye on cash handling areas; record meetings for later review and coaching; record sedation procedures, providing peace of mind for the patient and provider; and record activity around parking lots and external assets. All of our systems are accessible over the Internet for authorized users so you can review recordings or keep an eye on things from a remote location.

Components include:

  •     Discreet Fixed Dome Video Cameras
  •     Pan / Tilt / Zoom Cameras
  •     IP and Closed Circuit / CCTV Camera Options
  •     Low Light, Hidden, and Specialty Cameras
  •     DVR Systems
  •     24 Hour and Motion Activated Recording Options
  •     Remote Access to Recordings and Live Video
  •     Security Video Surveillance Installation
  •     Surveillance System Design
  •     Professional Installation
  •     DVR Custom Configuration
  •     Remote and On-site Monitoring Configuration
  •     Outdoor Cameras
  •     Remote Monitoring
  •     Camera Mounting and Setup
  •     Lower Insurance Premiums
  •     Theft Deterrence
  •     Employee Safety
  •     Asset Protection
  •     Remote Surveillance
  •     Patient Monitoring
  •     Peace of Mind
  •     Local Surveillance


Security System Enhancement
Cameras act as a theft deterrent in parking lots, around entrances and over expensive HVAC equipment that cannot be fully secured.  As a bonus, studies show that internal cameras can increase employee productivity.

Sedation Dentistry
Digital video recording during sedation dentistry provides enhanced security for you and peace of mind for your patients.  DVR allows the provider to monitor all procedures from start to finish and store them indefinitely.

Training Videos
A picture is worth a thousand words. Record procedures and surgeries in house to illustrate new methods and techniques for your employees and colleagues.

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