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The term "Phishing" refers to the practice of sending emails mimicking a reputable company to trick individuals into revealing personal information such as user names, passwords, credit card numbers, bank account information and other sensitive information.

How does a Phishing scam work?

Here is an example using Amazon.com. Recently we have seen a steady increase in fraudulent Amazon emails.

  1. The scammer creates an email that looks like it is from Amazon.com telling you that you have received a gift card for $50. In the email there is a button that says "click here to redeem your gift card".
  2. When you click on the button the link takes you to the Amazon login page. Hidden code embedded in the email button allows the scammer to record your login and password information to your Amazon account.
  3. Since most people reuse the same user name and password the scammer most likely will be able access many other accounts that you own as well. Once in your account the scammer can get personal information to perform many types of theft such as fraudulent transactions in your name, bank transfers, file fraudulent tax returns or buy gift cards that can be used somewhere else and are non-traceable.

You may be the weakest link when it comes to phishing attacks.
A successful Phishing attack costs business on average $140,000 per incident. Proper training can help you minimize these risks. Advanced Automation Inc. offers an anti-phishing training program called Phish Threat. With this program we can send emails to your employees and see who opens the email and clicks any link. Once the fraudulent link gets clicked, the person will be taken to a security training page that instructs them on how to avoid phishing attacks.

Let Advanced Automation Inc. add another layer of protection against hackers to keep your buisness safe.

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